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Mayor of Burlington, Ontario — named No. Reasonable growth, not overdevelopment by amending the downtown plan to limit more highrises; end overdevelopment across Burlington by sticking to zoning. We must be prepared for flooding by dealing with root causes; not just effects by ending overdevelopment, keeping water at source with greenspace, and green infrastructure.

Rebuild trust between city hall and the public by including residents in shaping decisions, not just reacting to them; restoring civility on council and toward residents. Email: mayor burlington. Media Specialist: John Bkila Email: john. Newsletter Signup. Recent Posts.

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January 29, No Comments. January 28, No Comments. January 27, No Comments. January 26, No Comments. January 25, 5 Comments. January 25, No Comments. January 22, 4 Comments. January 22, No Comments. Committee Recommendations Approved at Jan. Your Requests. Invite the Mayor Request a congratulatory letter or certificate Request a flag raising Request a proclamation Request a pier lighting.

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marianne meed ward newsletter

My 5 Priorities. Reasonable Growth, Not Overdevelopment Reasonable growth, not overdevelopment by amending the downtown plan to limit more highrises; end overdevelopment across Burlington by sticking to zoning.Drop me a line and let me know what you think about the new layout at meedwardm burlington.

In response to concerns raised in the community last spring over the process for negotiating community benefits in exchange for double the height and density on the Molinaro project on Brock and Elgin, I co-sponsored a staff direction to review the process to increase public input.

The revised protocol makes one change: to alert the ward councilor, who is then tasked with gathering community input on priorities. The protocol also states that any Section 37 development will be subject to the new development review cycle initiated last spring, also as a result of the Molinaro project.

Staff reports are available about a week before committee meetings. So residents will still only have a week to prepare comments in response to the specific community benefits staff are recommending — same as before. In my view, that violates the spirit of the protocol. The protocol was approved by the Community Development Committee March 26, and needs council ratification April To review the staff report on the development, click here.

To read the revised protocol click here. To read the previous protocol click here. My Take: Though the commitment to consult with the ward councilor is a step in the right direction, time will tell whether this change will improve results for the community. Further, there remains concern among many residents myself included about the use of Section 37 to grant increased height and density at all.

A review of the practice is overdue, though there is no appetite for such a review among staff or council at the moment.

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Your View: What would your top three priorities be for community benefits negotiated for extra height and density on Ward 2 projects? Please make a comment at the Ward 2 News website or email me at meedwardm burlington. Your feedback has significantly influenced and improved the features and design of Elgin Park, as detailed below, which has been the subject of three public meetings and dozens of calls and emails to my office.

The most recent meeting was Tues. March 27, where the architect presented two potential designs for the project. One design featured a diagonal layout; the other a square or linear layout. Below are at least 9 changes to the original plans for the park presented in October, based on resident feedback:.

Request: At all three public meetings residents preferred the Roads and Parks Maintenance RPM facility to be located in the North East corner of the property, to provide greater separation and minimize the impact to adjacent St. Request: Residents were concerned about parking for RPM staff being located in the park, and taking valuable park space. Request: Residents asked for a clear separation between the driveway access and the playground feature, to keep vehicles away from children.

Result: The driveway access to the RPM building has been moved to the South East corner of the property, fenced off from the rest of the park. Request: Residents asked for the playground feature to remain, given that Spencer Smith Park is too large for young children and requires crossing a busy road. Result: A junior playground feature is retained, in the North West portion of the park. Result: The new park layout will provide a play area large enough to accommodate a junior swing set.

Request: Residents asked that the design and materials for the RPM building be compatible with the character of the surrounding residential area.

marianne meed ward newsletter

Result: The RPM facility will be made of brick, as are many of the homes in the surrounding area. There will be windows similar in look to a residential window. This is subject to budget, and will be considered. Request: Residents asked that the RPM facility be fully fenced off and screened with landscaping to hide the machinery and activity. Result: The RPM facility will have a non-see-through wood fence on all sides replacing the chain link presently there. A hedge will screen the fence to the West.

The existing wood fence along the entire width of the property to the North will remain. Request: At the first two public meetings, the majority of residents requested that the chain link fence on the West side separating the St.

At the third public meeting, a church warden advised his preference to retain the fence, in order to separate play activities from funerals, weddings or other activities at the church. Result: The warden will consult further with the church and report back to staff and the architect within a week.Please see below the statement I released today publicly on travel and accountability during the province-wide shutdown: Statement from Burlington Mayor Meed Ward — Jan 8 Burlington, Ont.

I am just as troubled and frustrated as the community about continued news of travel outside the country or province by elected representatives, health officials or community leaders. I expressed my concern about the travel. I appreciate that Chief Tanner has now apologized and said it was a poor decision and one he deeply regrets.

I encourage those with properties outside the province to consider local property management companies and continue to avoid non-essential travel. I have heard from constituents who also have properties outside the province who are not travelling to those properties, and they expect the same from their community leaders.

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Clearly, as community leaders, we need to hold ourselves not only to the same standards we expect from the public, but a higher standard of accountability, transparency and behaviour. We are in a public health emergency when all non-essential travel is being discouraged by our public health officials and provincial and federal governments. Accountability starts in our own backyard.

My expectations are that no senior City staff or Council members will be travelling outside the province for non-essential trips during the shutdown.

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I can confirm that no senior staff at Burlington City Hall has travelled outside the province since the province-wide shutdown. I also asked and have received confirmation from all City Council members that none of them have travelled outside of the province since the shutdown.

Police keep eye on planned anti-mask protest to place Burlington mayor under 'citizen arrest'

As a new measure during virtual City of Burlington Committee and Council meetings, and other public meetings, I will be voluntarily disclosing where I am calling in from. I have asked all of my City Council colleagues to do the same. Additionally, I have put on the agenda of our upcoming Emergency Control Group a discussion of what further measures are warranted to ensure our staff and council walk the talk, lead by example and hold ourselves to the same and higher standard than we expect of the community.

We are in the worst of this pandemic. It is all hands on deck. We need to trust each other and work together. To do that, we all need to make the same commitments and sacrifices to beat this deadly virus. We need to work to restore trust when it has been broken, as it has recently with many announcements of travel by health, elected and community leaders. Chief Tanner did not show bad judgment, he never ever gave it a thought, let alone a second thought.

The fact that the Oakville Mayor, as Police Board Chair, gave him permission is absolutely wrong, because the Mayor has no such authority to give. Tanner went against all efforts that the Ontario government AND health community have made to lessen the risk facing Ontarians. He needs to be held to account for his decision.

Your email address will not be published.Throughout the hour we got updates from the CEO of our hospital, our local MP and MPP, discussed the issue of food scarcity which is growing again in scope, and talked. Burlington, Ont. Outdoor exercise is considered essential under.

There is no question the past 11 months have taken a significant toll on the mental health. Original release sent by Conservation Halton. Good morning Burlington, Lots going on this week as always! At the Burlington City Council meeting on Jan. At the Jan. Below are some of the highlights split up by committee. Click this link to go through the full post-meeting minutes for all recommendations that were approved at the Jan. Any project that requires conditions conditions for approval tells you everything you need to know about the negative impacts the CN Truck-Rail Hub will have on the health of Burlington, Halton Hills, Milton, Oakville and Halton residents.

marianne meed ward newsletter

We will continue to fight this. Below is a media release issued.

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Seventy per cent of the year program. Message from the Mayor: Council meetings have a new start time and day, Tuesday atand continuing at pm if necessary. This will offer residents the choice to delegate at an afternoon or evening session, whatever is most convenient for you, and an additional four hours of scheduled council.

Please note, this item. Good morning Burlington, A busy week ahead with a council workshop today on the Private Tree Bylaw and an Emergency Control Group meeting, and a check-in tomorrow morning with Halton Mayors and our Regional Chair followed by the monthly council meeting later on the same day. Wednesday has the monthly. Media Specialist: John Bkila Email: john. Newsletter Signup. Burlington News. January 29, No Comments. January 28, No Comments. January 27, No Comments.

January 26, No Comments. January 25, 5 Comments. January 25, No Comments. January 22, 4 Comments. January 22, No Comments. Committee Recommendations Approved at Jan.

MAYORS CHAT: Marianne Meed Ward chats about what’s going on in Burlington – January 20, 2021

January 21, No Comments. January 20, No Comments. January 19, No Comments. January 18, No Comments.There is no question the past 11 months have taken a significant toll on the mental health of the members of our community, regardless of their age.

Burlington City Council has recognized this reality from the moment the pandemic crossed our borders and, as a result, mental health has been at the forefront of our considerations in decision-making, along with the need to keep our residents safe while balancing the economic impacts of COVID It is crucial we remain hopeful that better days are ahead; and indeed, we are seeing this with the rollout of vaccinations.

These are extremely tough times that have taken a toll on many of us and I know we are all struggling. I cannot express how grateful I am to our resilient community for continuing to do your part to keep yourself and those around you healthy — both physically and mentally.

I encourage our residents to make that extra bit of effort to not only look after others, but yourselves as well. Continue to reach out to your loved ones, family, friends and colleagues — not just today, but every day. Remaining emotionally connected is more important now than ever. Joining a virtual book club, having a video call over dinner, streaming a group fitness class or just picking up the phone and calling someone are but a few ways we can practice self-care and stay connected.

Also take the time to get out for some fresh air and exercise. If you need to speak to someone about your mental health, or that of a family member, coworker or friend, there is help through:. Wellness Together Canada also offers free supports, such as information and practical tools to feeling better, self-guided programs, peer-to-peer support and confidential sessions with social workers, psychologists and other professionals.

Immediate supports are also available by phone and text for those without Internet access:. Supporting each other through good mental health and well-being will help us all get through this together.

Your email address will not be published. Sign me up for the newsletter! Media Specialist: John Bkila john. Newsletter Signup. Be kind. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Receive new post notifications by email. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. Commenting Guidelines click left arrow to read.Nationality of WinnerNationality as displayed by the sport's governing body. Bets stand irrespective of withdrawals. Fastest Serve TournamentPlayer must serve 1 ball for bets to stand.

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