Hula hoop benefits for toddlers

All you need are a hula hoop, comfortable clothes, and 30 minutes of your time. Start with the basic exercise to get the hang of it, and then use it to tone your entire body. Whether you are 5 or 50, this exercise is going to make you smile and brighten up your day in a jiffy. In this article, we will discuss 10 hula hoop fitness exercises. Hula hooping is not a newly discovered way to stay fit.

There is evidence that the ancient Greeks and Egyptians twirled hoops around their belly to have fun and maintain their fitness. It is a physical activity where you need to twirl the hoop around your waist, belly, arms, and legs. The average hula hoop for adults is about 45 inches in diameter and weighs around 2 pounds.

The most amazing part is that it burns as many calories as you burn by doing kickboxing or aerobics. Depending on your weight, exercise duration, and intensity, you can burn up to calories. The rolling reach is an effective exercise for your back and legs. It resembles driving, just that the steering here is pretty big.

In this exercise, you use the hula hoop like a dumbbell. You will basically do tricep extensions with a little variation. Here are the steps. Squats are an apt exercise for the hips and thighs, and adding a hula hoop helps you lose the extra fat on the hips. The Russian twist is an excellent exercise for the core. You can bring it up by a notch if you do it with a hula hoop. The hula hoop not only gives your hip and booty firmness and shape but is also useful for the torso and chest.

Just circle the hoop around your upper body and leave it loose in circles without letting it fall off. Knee hooping is a good workout for your thighs, hips, and knees.

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Just try balancing the hoop between your knees and do not allow it to fall off as you hula hoop. The hula hoop dance workout can be just like an aerobic exercise. Using the hoop makes the steps more challenging and helps you sweat more. All you need is good music — let yourself free as you dance to the rhythm and shake your booty.

These are the 10 hula hoop exercises.Who has not grabbed a hula hoop or a hoop, put it on his waist and counted how many laps he gave before falling to the ground? The hula hoop is a game as old as constantly used in children's activities. The fact that children exercise at the same time as they have fun and play sports in the open ai. The fact that children exercise at the same time as they have fun and play sports in the open air confers a positive point. Therefore, we need to know what more advantages this activity has that can be practiced at any time and place.

To begin with, we must know that the game of the hula hoop only requires a que hoop that is made of plasticand that you have to make the greatest possible turns around the body.

As a general rule, children put it on their waists, but you can also try to spin with an arm or a leg. But what are its most significant advantages?

hula hoop benefits for toddlers

This helps children exercise physically while enjoying a game. Interacting with other children : The hula hoop is more fun if it is enjoyed in a group. Being able to establish small competitions will make children enjoy the game much more.

Using a hula hoop is simple, but it may end up looking boring after a few minutes. For children to continue playing with it without wanting to change, the important thing is to establish different activities with one or more plastic rings that are not excessively large. The juggler : A hula hoop in each arm, and move! The children are always willing to show their skills, and the juggler's game with the hula hoop was not going to be less.

It consists of putting a medium or small ring. They will test their psychomotor skills by moving their arms in circles at the same time. The crazy worm : With a big hula hoop, the crazy worm is one that moves in a hurry in circles. The first thing to do is to place the hoop as high as possible, under the armpits -in the neck would be dangerous- and move quickly so that the hoop goes down as fast as possible spinning.

The jumping : Another game that can be done with a small hula hoop when the children are a little older, is the one that consists of putting a hoop on the ankle and turning it while jumping. The concentration. Benefits of the hula hoop game for children Who has not grabbed a hula hoop or a hoop, put it on his waist and counted how many laps he gave before falling to the ground? The fact that children exercise at the same time as they have fun and play sports in the open ai Who has not grabbed a hula hoop or a hoop, put it on his waist and counted how many laps he gave before falling to the ground?

The benefits of the hula hoop for your child To begin with, we must know that the game of the hula hoop only requires a que hoop that is made of plasticand that you have to make the greatest possible turns around the body. It consists of putting a medium or small ring on each arm and moving so that it does not fall.

The concentration not to lose the rhythm of the circles at the same time as the little jumps will amuse the little ones. Previous Article Game to teach children to write an essay. Next Article Most common learning difficulties in primary school children.

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hula hoop benefits for toddlers

Let's play in the forest. Children's Song in English. Angela's Day, January 4th.Hula hoop is not just an exercise with a circle looped around the hips up, but hula hooping is an serous exercise that also requires concentration about how to keep the circle round to survive and continue to turn it at the hips in a certain period. The larger the diameter of it, it is usually more easier to play playing at the hip although sometimes the weight becomes heavier. In serious level, hula hooping usually included in a series of exercises or aerobics classes at fitness centers.

It is because the constant movement of the hips when rotating hula hoop is good to keep our body in shape as well as a calorie burner, where it is the main goal of most people who follow exercise or aerobics class. As for some of the benefits that could be obtained from someone who regularly, routinely, and seriously doing an exercise of hula hooping, especially for women is as follows:. The benefits for the body is able to reduce belly fat. For those of you who wish to reduce fat in the abdomen, one sport that can be done is by using a hula hoop.

This is because when you move the stomach in a circular motion using a hula hoop, abdominal fat will be burned and lost. Among the recommended time in order to obtain maximum results, you should use a hula hoop for at least 30 minutes every day.

Turns hips sway by playing hula hoop is one effective way to lose weight. Do you already know that? Walking at that speed can burning more than calories in 30 minutes. Well, it turns out you can burn calories with the same amount of different activities.

So, Ladies. It shows that the hula hoop can keep your heart muscle fit as well. Endorphins is a kind of chemical compounds that are produced by glands lower brain. This is because people who are doing sports wear hula hooping looked pleased and happy even accompanied by jokes laugh when done together. That means the production of endorphins in the brain is increased thus indirectly using a hula hoop exercise can also relieve stress and depression.

In addition to reducing abdominal fat, doiny exercise by using a hula hoop was also able to reduce the fat in the waist. This is because the swaying hips for turning the hula hoop can consistently shed fat at the waist.

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Despite the fact that the fat in the waist is difficult to eliminate, but by using a hula hoop exercise regularly and seriously prove that it is successful.Purchasing a few hula hoops can lead to interesting exploration activities with young children. Hula hoops are simple toys that can be used in a variety of different ways. They exist in several different sizes and colors. Their round shape makes them easy to manipulate.

Select hula hoops that will work for the activities you wish to present and adapted to the ages of the children in your group. Introducing hula hoops Deposit several hula hoops on the floor throughout your daycare. Let babies and toddlers crawl or walk over to them and explore them as they wish. Hula hoop snacking Set hula hoops on the floor and invite babies and toddlers to sit inside the circles. Variation: Set a hula hoop on the table to create an original centrepiece.

Deposit children's snacks inside the hula hoop. A mobile To create an original mobile, hang a hula hoop vertically from the ceiling. Use different lengths of string or ribbon to hang children's artwork or tiny objects from the hula hoop.

Feathers, streamers, and small stuffed animals all represent interesting additions. Round cereal Cheerios cereal pieces look like miniature hula hoops.

Offer a small bowl of dry cereal to each child and help them notice this fact. Circles Young children may not be ready to draw circles on their own. However, you can draw large circles on pieces of paper and encourage children to use them for various crafts. Hanging artwork Cut a circle somewhat bigger than a hula hoop out of heavy paper. Let babies and toddlers color or draw a picture inside in the circle. When they are done, use adhesive tape to set their artwork inside the hula hoop.

Attach string or ribbon to the hula hoop to hang their masterpiece from the ceiling. This is a great group project for little ones. Stuffed animal toss Invite each child's parents to bring a stuffed animal to daycare. Set a few hula hoops on the floor and show children how they can toss the stuffed animals inside the circles. Of course, babies will have to stand very close to the hula hoops to succeed. They may prefer to simply deposit the stuffed animals inside the circle over and over again.

Toddlers will enjoy standing a few feet away and tossing the stuffed animals inside the circles. Variation: Use bean bags or rolled up socks instead of stuffed animals. Colourful hula hoops Deposit colourful hula hoops on the floor. Deposit toys of the corresponding color inside each hula hoop. For example, deposit yellow rubber ducks in the centre of a yellow hula hoop. Let babies and toddlers crawl or walk from one hula hoop to the next to explore the objects.

Name each color with the children in your group. Variation: Older toddlers will enjoy helping you sort the items by color and depositing them in the correct hula hoops. Hanging hula hoop Use stretchy fabric or elastic to hang a hula hoop from the ceiling in your daycare or from a tree in your yard. If you are able to hang it low enough, toddlers will enjoy crawling through it with your help.Part of my job as a pediatric physical therapist is to try to make exercises and the rehabilitation process fun for kids.

Most of the physical performance measurements we use during therapy including jumping, running, and stair climbing as tools of assessment. But, I get just as excited when one of my clients learns to hula hoop for the first time, and here is why: hula hooping is a great exercise for kids! Tons of toys are out there to make physical activities seem fununique, and not in the least bit boring for young minds. Hula hoops are just one of many that physical therapists love to use, in order to bring out the best in little growing bodies.

Click here to view our Gross Motor Milestones Infographic! The benefits of hula hooping for kids: Coordination — At as young as 5 years of age, children are able to break down major tasks that require coordination of every part of their body doing different motions, such as bicycling, jump roping, and hula hooping.

What makes hula hooping challenging is that in order to be successful at the task, kids have to separate their trunk movements from their limbs, maintain a stable balance, and incorporate flexibility in their motions at the same time.

Core strength — Performing the hula hip motion while keeping the hoop up at the trunk requires abdominal, oblique, and upper back muscle recruitment. These are big core muscles that we all need to stand and sit upright. Keeping the trunk muscles strong will help with posture, endurance, and total body coordination.

hula hoop benefits for toddlers

Endurance — Physical fitness is so important in children and adolescence. Health-related fitness is undeniably multidimensional.

Endurance itself has many components: cardiovascular, muscular, and mental. While a typically developing school-aged child should be able to remain active and play for at least 30 minutes without need for rest, so few kids these days get a chance to build on their active time outside of school.

So many kids I meet can barely play for 5 minutes without being short of breath, needing to sit down, or getting frustrated by a tough physical task. Flexibility — In order to successfully keep a hula hoop up off the ground, flexibility is just as important as strength. Parents and teachers sometimes forget flexibility is an important aspect of physical fitness. In order to ensure proper musculoskeletal development, flexibility is key.

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Hula hooping teaches children how to purposefully wiggle their hips, separate their two sides, gain range of motion in all their big joints, and have fun at the same time. Attention — As anyone who tries to pick up a new task knows, learning a new activity takes practice and focus. Young children who are learning something as different and challenging as the hula hoop are honing not just their physical skills but their mental fortitude as well.

A task that requires coordinated movements of every part of the body requires lots of repetition to master.

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Having the attention and motivation to master a new physical activity will help with improved attention for school-related tasks. Mastery of each new skill offers children the chance to feel pride in themselves. There are organizations out there dedicated to introducing hula hooping to children.

19 Proven Benefits of Hula Hooping For Health and Diet

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Top 10 Hula Hoop Exercises And Their Benefits

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