Hdmi cable max length reddit

In theory, there is no real maximum length to how long an HDMI cable can be. But the longer your cable is, the more the type of HDMI cable you buy can have a real impact on the eventual quality of audio and video you hear and see at the other end.

How long can an HDMI cable be? It depends on how it's made and what resolution your content is. The longer an HDMI cable is, the more signal it loses due to attenuationwhich is why it needs to be made with a thicker gauge, officially known as its AWG rating; its American Wire Gauge. The lower a cable's AWG rating, the thicker its gauge and the better equipped it is to deliver a high-resolution signal over longer distances.

For example, a thin cable won't be able to transmit a 4K signal as long as a p signal. If you're just looking to buy a passive HDMI cablethen your realistic maximum range is around 25ft. Cable Matters sells a wide variety of options in that category.

Whichever one you opt for though, 25ft is about the maximum length you can use without seeing a degradation in signal quality due to attenuation. Although passive HDMI cables can support distances more than twice that in theory, the environment would need to be practically perfect to not experience severe negative consequences of such a long cable without some sort of active power to counteract the signal degradation.

If you're looking to hook up ceiling-mounted projectors or building a home movie theatre with the media stored far from the eventual display, you'll need a relatively lengthy and hefty HDMI cable for the job.

That's where you'll run into problems with standard, low-cost HDMI cables. Instead, you want to use something like the active fiber optic HDMI cable. It supports HDMI 2. These cables are light and flexible, making them a great choice for getting to hard to reach places. Once you reach extreme ranges in the multiple hundreds of feet, a singular cable just isn't going to cut it.

You'll see weakened signals causing instability and screen flashing, alongside other image degradations. However, at a certain point wire gauge becomes too thick to be useful. HDMI extenders can solve that problem. In theory, extenders based on optical fiber technology can extend an HDMI signal to almost 1, feet, but it's not typically recommended unless in extreme scenarios where no other options are available.

You don't need to be concerned about a loss of features or quality over more reasonable distances, though. High-quality HDMI 2. If you're looking to install a display in a public setting too, you can use the extender to connect to a local, as well as a remote display, making it easy to see what's being viewed on the main display from a backroom or office. Built-in infrared cables ensure that any commands you send to that local display can also be mirrored on the remote one too.

Note: It's a good idea to use a Cat6 Ethernet cable with these extenders as it will provide the best signal at your display.Yet, I want them connected. HDMI cables can run as far as the cables allow. Or, does it matter on what kind of HDMI cables you use, and can they be used together? I asked the same questions and thought it would be a great idea to share the answers with you to help you make the choices you need to make for your next HDMI purchases.

Knowing what the standard lengths are helps you plan how many cables you will need to purchase for your current setup. It also allows you to plan how to set up new equipment when you know how long the cables are and how far apart everything can be from each other.

The industry will start off manufacturing what they feel are the lengths most people will end up purchasing based on their studies and knowing how specific equipment will be situated in a typical setup. For the most part, these lengths become the standard however, consumer demand often ends up dictating what the standard will be. You can identify these instances by the odd lengths of HDMI cables that start showing up on the market.

To me, these lengths do not fit the standard mold. Of course, you would need to have two identical setups running to test this out and honestly, who does this? There must be a way however, to run HDMI cables and keep the quality high and there is? Read on to find out more. If requested, new home builders are installing Cat6 wire in the walls before the walls are drywalled.

This means you only need an HDMI cable to be long enough to span from the device to the wall connection. These cables do not require an electrician to install so you can go ahead and fish Cat6 cables through your wall, if you want to modernize your networking system. There is conflicting information online regarding when and why lag appears when using long HDMI cables. If you are noticing there is lag in your audio or video, try checking the HDMI cable first. I have had cables just stop working.

As you can see, many things can cause a lag with your video or audio when using HDMI cables and it might not even be the cables fault. To troubleshoot the issue, start at the beginning source checking settings and cables as you move down the line to the end source. This has always helped me weed out the problem. Up next, I am going to cover some questions we might have touched lightly on or I found online while researching for this article.

I feel they will help you in the long run if we go over them quickly. It is difficult to identify if there is lag unless you can perform a side by side test with duplicate equipment and cables. I am going to go out on a limb and say that if your cables are in good shape and you have a reliable source for your audio. If you do happen to notice audio lag, then start by checking the HDMI and the source to make sure all settings are where they should be.

The adapter is called a female to female coupler HDMI adapter. You can purchase these on Amazon or your local home electronics store such as Best Buy, etc. Here is one on Amazon. I know some will disagree with me here but from what I have experienced and what I have read online, expensive cables do not make a difference in video and audio quality or lag. If the cable is constructed right and the ends are secure, you will get a video and audio signal based on what the source provides and what the outsource plays.

As an example, if your receiver is pumping out 4k video from a 4k Blu-ray to a 4k TV, then the video and audio quality should be 4k.Deals Bargain threads Classified adverts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. What's new New posts Latest activity. Search forums. Members Current visitors. Log in. Install the app.

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Does such a cable even exist? I had a search and I saw conflicting information about max cable length for 4K. Dodgexander Moderator. I think max cable length for UHD is 7 metres but you can try longer cables and they may work provided they can keep the signal strong enough. Failing that though you need a sender and receiver.

I was also reading on Amazon from a supplier called Neet that a thicker cable 24 AWG would have a better chance of transmitting the signal over longer distances. If this doesn't work I may try the Neet cable. Atavus Active Member. They do a 12 and 15m too. I expect there are cheaper ones that are ok.

Atavus said:. Well the Amazon cable did not work. So if you are not going to invest in an active cable then Dodgexander was bang on the money regarding cable length - 7m is about as far as you can go. Does make you wonder what the distance restrictions are going to be like with HDMI 2.

From a technical standpoint the more data you need to send over the cable, the shorter it needs to be. With 2. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar threads B.But, you may start to wonder if the length of HDMI cables is going to have an effect on the quality. Does the length of HDMI cables matter? The length of an HDMI cable does have a negative effect on signal quality, with manufacturers generally not recommending cables over 20 feet.

You should know there are a lot of answers out there to this question, and all of them are a bit fuzzy. Without going into too much detail than would be useful, just know that the term itself, HDMI, actually refers to a cable specification, and that specification has a certain set of tests you can use to see if a cable passes or fails the certification for the cable spec.

So, you could take any cable, run those tests, and see if it passes the spec. In general, what would make a cable fail the specification tests? The longer a cable is, the more the signal is changing as it travels. This degradation of the signal while it travels down the cable is normal, and the shorter a cable is, the less noticeable the degradation is. So, we know short cables are good, and an arbitrarily long cable is bad, but what about in between?

The short story here is that many manufacturers will sell HDMI cables clear up to 50 feet in length. Most manufacturers recommend not going over 20 feet without some powered solution more on that below.

So what if you need a longer cable?

Any advice playing with 15-20 meters HDMI cable?

However, if the quality of the signal is of significant importance, you can consider a powered HDMI kit that extends the signal properly by boosting it or converting it to another format entirely. The most common methods are converting the signal and boosting it with a balun kit, or going fully wireless and cutting the cable out altogether.

Check out our article that completely covers HDMI balun kits! CAT 5 cable has a "maximum" length of meters or feet. However, please keep in mind that not all HDMI balun kits are amazing. If you cheap out on the balun kit, you could certainly run into similar issues as using an extremely long HDMI cable.

You can also consider using a wireless HDMI kitwhich not only extends the range but removes some of the lengthy cabling entirely. There are also some limitations here having to do with refresh rate and lag, which complicate using it for gaming. If you just want to run a long cable though, and not go to the trouble of other converter units or trying out wireless, there are cables out there that specialize in getting the clear signal across.

It all comes down to quality. However, if you bought a top of the line 4k projector, you owe it to yourself to make sure the video quality is going to actually get to it.

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HDMI 2.1 Specification Technology Overview

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Search for:. About Me Hi!HDMI Cables have brought up the digital revolution for our homes. It is the main reason why we can see 4K, p and pixel transmissions to our daily TV sets. Usually, it is made up of a thick wire gauge that can make a big impact on the video.

However, the only concern is how far your TV set is from the transmission box? The length of the HDMI cable comes to play.

If you just want to know the perfect length, this guide below will help you understand all. To be precise, there is no such harsh rule on how long the HDMI cable length should be. By default, when you purchase an HDMI, it has a basic length of 10 feet. You can easily extend it.

hdmi cable max length reddit

However, the longer it is, the levels of transmission will start going down as well. Thus, it is important to know what cable length should be good for your HD views. It is great to watch the full HD transmission for your smart TV along with others. The bandwidth requirement for 4K resolution is high and this is why opting for an HDMI cable should be restricted at 15 Feet.

hdmi cable max length reddit

Make sure that the cable extension is not more than this. Using a cable for pixels will also require a lot of bandwidth. Of course, watching your favourite sports and movies in such transmission could be a great choice. The requirements are, however, much lower than that of the 4K resolution. Here, the maximum recommended HDMI cable length should be around 20 feet.

Out of all the HD transmission options available, watching your TV program on pixels means that you are at the entry-level. Consumption of bandwidth for the pixels is much lower.

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This is why you can freely use a longer range of cable for such options. However, the maximum recommended length should be around 50 feet. The appearance of such is quite similar to that of any type of coax cable. However, the only difference is that it represents an active chipset present. The specialty of having such a chipset is that it can easily generate a new signal. Thus, even if you place the HDMI input 50 meters away, you will be able to transmit 4K without any data loss.

However, the only concern is that they are not interchangeable and so, you need to be precise about the connections that you are making. A Signal Booster is commonly known as a repeater. It is a particular small device that can boost the bandwidth at a given location. It acts as a data gain chipset. So even if the cable length is long, the chipset allows gaining the lost bandwidth at the particular location.

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hdmi cable max length reddit

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hdmi cable max length reddit

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