Deed restricted community florida

Residents chose our tranquil neighborhoods for their new homes, moving here from virtually every state in the union and internationally. Boating is popular in Lemon Bay and around Boca Grande.

Introducing Rotonda West, a Vibrant Florida Destination

The nearby Gulf of Mexico offers some of the best fishing in the world. Welcome to our new website. We hope you find the site easier to navigate, locate the materials and events that interest you, and choose to be informed of our news.

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The new site will be faster to update with the latest news and relevant materials. One of our new features is a library for our recorded Committee and Board meetings.

If you have missed meetings and want to catch up, you will be able to find the link to the recording in one location. Part of refreshing the site was a need to remove some of our historical documents, but they are still available in our archives — just request them through the RWA office. We hope you enjoy our new site.

deed restricted community florida

We would appreciate any feedback you may have for further improvements. About Rotonda West About Us. Located on the southwest coast of Florida, Rotonda West is a lovely, established community in the picturesque area known as Cape Haze. Our community is the perfect size to make new friends, get involved in many activities, and enjoy a wide variety of outdoor recreation.

Our community offers many recreational opportunities, including golf, fishing, boating, tennis and more… Several shopping centers are nearby, as well as professional theaters and cultural centers. Rotonda Golf Partners maintain five golf courses positioned around the community, totaling 99 holes of fun and challenging play.

deed restricted community florida

A community focal point is the beautiful acres of Broadmoor Park, featuring our 8, square foot Community Center, many lakes, abundant foliage, wildlife, and almost three miles of walking trails. Our community is administered by an active Board of Directors, supported by an Association Manager with a great team of administrative and maintenance staff, along with many committees and volunteers who all work to support our vibrant community.

Greetings Rotonda West: Welcome to our new website. Latest News Shredding Event Feb. Read More. Recorded Documents. Board of Directors. Pre-Recorded Zoom Meetings. Deed Restrictions.Skip to content. Deed-Restricted Community. We have all seen and heard of deed-restricted communities but do you really know what a deed-restricted community is? You should, because deed-restricted communities can restrict and limit your use and what can be done with a property located in a community that is deed-restricted.

What is a Deed-Restricted Community? Although every neighborhood has its own set of rules and regulations, some common regulations include:. Parking — cars are usually said to have to be parked in the garage or on the driveways. Parking on the street or on the lawn is usually prohibited. Vehicle restrictions — some people own RVs, boats, trailers, etc. Paint — some communities enforce house and mailbox paint colors to be a color that has already been pre-approved by the association.

Animals — some communities ban certain types of animals.

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Additions to the home — some communities will not allow certain additions to the home. Sometimes, not at all. For example, treehouses, playhouses, slides, sheds, certain fences, etc. Deed-restrictions can expire. All deed-restricted communities expire within 30 years of it being brought forward — this is according to the Marketable Record Title Act. Although they expire, they can be voted back in.

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Depending on the terms and conditions brought forward and voted upon, the amount of years it will be valid for will depend on what was voted on. This can vary from community-to-community. Related posts. Down Payment December 5, Inspection vs Appraisal September 27, Biweekly Mortgage Payments September 19, Mortgage Loan September 12, District roads equal to or exceeding the applicable specifications of the county in which such district roads are located; roads and improvements to existing public roads that are owned by or conveyed to the local general-purpose government, the state, or the Federal Government; street lights; alleys; landscaping; hardscaping; and the undergrounding of electric utility lines.

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Buses, trolleys, transit shelters, ridesharing facilities and services, parking improvements, and related signage. However, this paragraph does not prohibit a district from contracting with a towing operator to remove a vehicle or vessel from a district-owned facility or property if the district follows the authorization and notice and procedural requirements in s.

The district may adopt by rule all or certain portions of the deed restrictions that: 1. Are consistent with the requirements of a development order or regulatory agency permit. The district was in existence on the effective date of this subsection, or is located within a development that consists of multiple developments of regional impact and a Florida Quality Development. For residential districts, the majority of the board has been elected by qualified electors pursuant to the provisions of s.

The declarant in any applicable declarations of covenants and restrictions has provided the board with a written agreement that such rules may be adopted. A memorandum of the agreement shall be recorded in the public records. Districts may impose fines for violations of such rules and enforce such rules and fines in circuit court through injunctive relief.

The sole responsibilities of the district board advisor are to review enforcement actions proposed by the district board against properties located outside the district and make recommendations relating to those proposed actions. Before the district board may enforce its rules against any owner of property located outside the district, the district board shall request the district board advisor to make a recommendation on the proposed enforcement action.

Whenever an interlocal agreement is entered into pursuant to paragraph aa district board advisor seat shall be created for one elected landowner whose property is within the jurisdiction of the governmental entity entering into the interlocal agreement but not within the boundaries of the district.

The district board advisor shall be elected by landowners whose land is subject to enforcement by the district but whose land is not within the boundaries of the district. The district board advisor shall be elected for a 2-year term. The first election for a district board advisor shall be within 90 days after the effective date of the interlocal agreement between the district and the government entity. The election of the district board advisor shall occur at a meeting of eligible landowners.

The district shall publish notice of the meeting and election once a week for 2 consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation in the area of the parties to the interlocal agreement. The notice must include instructions on how all landowners may participate in the election and how to obtain a proxy form.

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The last day of publication may not be less than 14 days or more than 28 days before the date of the election. The landowners, when assembled at the meeting, shall organize by electing a chair who shall conduct the meeting. The chair may be any person present at the meeting. If the chair is a landowner or proxy holder of a landowner, he or she may nominate candidates and make and second motions.

Deed Restricted Communities

At the meeting, each landowner is entitled to cast one vote per acre of land owned by him or her and located within the district for each person to be elected. A landowner may vote in person or by proxy in writing. Each proxy must be signed by one of the legal owners of the property for which the vote is cast and must contain the typed or printed name of the individual who signed the proxy; the street address, legal description of the property, or tax parcel identification number; and the number of authorized votes.

If the proxy authorizes more than one vote, each property must be listed and the number of acres of each property must be included. The signature on a proxy need not be notarized.

A fraction of an acre shall be treated as 1 acre, entitling the landowner to one vote with respect thereto. For purposes of determining voting interests, platted lots shall be counted individually and rounded up to the nearest whole acre.

If a vacancy occurs in the district advisor seat, a special landowner election shall be held within 60 days after the vacancy using the notice, proxy, and acreage voting provisions of this subsection.These meetings are open to the public and residents are encouraged to attend.

January 25, October 25, Charlotte County Public Works Department. For more information visit the County website:. Deep Creek is a deed-restricted community located in Southwest Florida, and is part of Charlotte County.

deed restricted community florida

We are a newer community and many of the homes are less than 15 years old. Sandhill Boulevard divides Deep Creek into two sections, Section 20 to the north and Section 23 to the south. Each section has it's own Property Owners Association, Board of Directors, and set of deed restrictions. Deep Creek was laid out so that all lots border open space called "greenbelts" which are maintained by the Homeowners Association. Many homes are on freshwater lakes or canals. Section 20 consists of single-family homes only.

About Section Section 20 has a set of governing documents, the bylaws and deed restrictions, as well as being maintained under Florida Statute The Board of Directors, with assistance from the Community Association Manager is responsible to conduct the Association business within these standards.

All property owners are assessed yearly for maintenance of: common areas greenbelts and lakesprofessional management and, improvements to surface drainage. Annual meetings are held for the purpose of electing Directors in October. Our Association consists of 3, single-family home sites.Our deed restrictions have been renewed and are valid.

They provide for the following:. Last year one of the residents erected two plastic sheds against his main residence. No plan was submitted at the time and no approval was given nor would likely be since they are inexpensive plastic sheds not matching the residence.

The sheds have been in place for months. The board of directors has not met to discuss the issue due to COVID and in addition the owner of the residence is one of the board members. He has threatened legal action if the board takes action and he has intimidated some of the board members.

The situation is made more complex by the existence of two free-standing sheds in the association. Homeowners may have two common defenses to covenant enforcement actions—selective enforcement, and waiver. Selective enforcement is when a community ignores some open and obvious violations of a covenant or rule while enforcing other violations of that covenant or rule. It is unusual that your community had lots and homes before the deed restrictions were recorded, as every existing lot owner would have had to approve them—and that rarely happens.

However, restrictions cannot be applied retroactively. So, if you are in fact correct that these two sheds actually pre-date the restrictions, their existence would not affect the ability of the association to now enforce the later-enacted restrictions, and their existence would create neither a selective enforcement nor waiver defense.

It is not uncommon for communities to amend their governing documents to restrict behaviors that are, at the time, allowed. While the existing sheds would not be able to be replaced, the association would also not have the power to force them to be removed. But, that would not give other owners the right to then install their own sheds in violation of your covenants and other rules and architectural controls. I do not think that the passage of one or two years would prevent your association from enforcing its covenants.

Ordinarily the statute of limitations for bringing a covenant enforcement claim is five years, so you have plenty of time to pursue this violation. I tend to think that these sheds are freestanding structures, no matter where they sit, and that they would not be allowed under any circumstances.

If however they simply fall within the board-made architectural controls, the next question would be whether your controls are specific enough to be enforceable pursuant to Section This column is dedicated to the memory of Gary Poliakoff, pioneer of the community association legal industry, tireless advocate, and author of treatises, books and hundreds of articles.

Please be sure to include your location. View Comments.Those rules can regulate the way the neighborhood or subdivision looks and the way the properties in it can be used.

Ideally, the HOA is there to ensure the neighborhood stays in good shape, which helps keep home values where they should be. Deed-restricted communities charge homeowners a fee—sometimes monthly, sometimes annually—to be part of the community.

Cost of Living in The Villages

Common deed restrictions in Florida include:. The Marketable Record Title Act says that deed-restricted communities in Florida and in other states, as well expire within 30 years of inception. Did you know the hottest North Florida land for sale often sells within days of being listed? Don't miss out! Set up your own custom property alert so you can be notified of the newest land as they hit the market!

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Deed Restrictions in Florida: What You Need to Know

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